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This series assumes you know the basic techniques, and have worked your way through the Basic Techniques series, although that's not essential.

These DRAW WITH MIKE videos provide additional techniques. More importantly, as your skills develop you begin to think less about technique and more on the message within your art. That might involve telling a simple story, or perhaps emphasising the beauty of something that you're attracted to. This series moves in that direction - it tackles the mental preparation and mindset required to lift your art to the next level.

As a professional graphite artist for over 40 years, I know what you need to know. I also understand the problems you'll encounter along the way, because for over 10 years I've been running the 8-week Drawspace Intermediate course that this series is based on.

Drawing dark values with graphite pencil
Drawing Dark Values
17¼ mins
Drawing mid or middle values with graphite pencil
Drawing Mid Values
17¾ mins
Drawing light values with graphite pencil
Drawing Light Values
24¼ mins
Mary Hollis
Defining the darkest value AND starting with that value made a HUGE difference in my results. There was much more dimension in my picture which certainly did add interest as well. Also, it resulted in just a minuscule amount of reworking during the process of drawing. While watching this video I realized it was because of applying what I have learned from your teaching. Always before I would way overwork my drawings/paintings. The bottom line - I was primed to really appreciate the importance of starting with the darkest dark. The teaching in this video helped refine what I am learning about how, when and why to use very dark shading.

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