Designed for YouTube, these DRAW WITH MIKE videos provide general assistance with many aspects of drawing.

Tool Tips
Using the Tub Sharpener
Duration: 4½ mins

How to properly use the Staedtler 502 Tub Sharpener or Lead Pointer. Mike's asked about this so often he has a copy and paste answer ready to email at a moment's notice :)
DIY Lightbox
Duration: 8¼ mins

How to quickly build an impressive, very effective, and relatively cheap lightbox from a readily available suspended ceiling LED light panel.
Drawing Tips
Fixative and its uses
Duration: 16¼ mins

Using fixatives and removing the shine from graphite. Fixative types explained, the benefits explored, uses suggested, and guidance supplied when fixing your own drawings.
Drawing Hair: method #1
Duration: 9¼ mins

The #1 Drawing Hair method. Using negative drawing and layers to create a curving lock of hair with a central highlight.

Drawing Weeds
Duration: 18 mins

An introduction to Negative Drawing - a system that satisfies all the needs, and solves all the problems, of drawing with graphite pencil.
I have found Mike's videos really helpful in my drawing development. The techniques are well explained and demonstrated with examples of what they look like in his artwork. These will work for any subject you wish to draw. I highly recommend these video tutorials if you are wishing to expand your drawing skill and understanding of basic techniques and their applications.

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