The FOUNDATION series. Watch these videos in sequence to build up your knowledge of the basic techniques step-by-step.
The INTERMEDIATE series. This series covers the mental aspects of drawing - the thinking needed behind the use of the techniques. Ideally, watch them in sequence to improve your drawing step-by-step as you add the techniques to your toolbox.
Designed for YouTube, these DRAW WITH MIKE videos will provide general assistance with many aspects of drawing.

Bob L
What you are doing you are doing extremely well. I have benefitted enormously from your videos.
Crispin Gundry
I have found Mike's videos really helpful in my drawing development. The techniques are well explained and demonstrated with examples of what they look like in his artwork. These will work for any subject you wish to draw. I highly recommend these video tutorials if you are wishing to expand your drawing skill and understanding of basic techniques and their applications.
Mary Hollis
I watched a video last night of someone supposedly teaching. I was halfway through the video and he was still just taking about himself. I quit there so I don't know if he ever did get around to any actual teaching. Such a contrast from your videos, which are packed full of information from beginning to end.

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