Drawing from Line to Life

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Graphite Pencil Drawing book by Mike Sibley - drawing tips, tutorials, techniques, demonstrations and much more...
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'Drawing from Line to Life' Graphite Pencil Drawing book by Mike Sibley - drawing tips, tutorials, techniques, demonstrations and much more...
  • Many artists' "drawing bible"
  • Foreword by renowned artist David Shepherd
  • Over 280 pages of drawing tips, tutorials, demonstrations and much more...
  • More than 625 illustrations
  • Tools, techniques, methods
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • For the Novice and Advanced student
  • From pure line drawing through to near-reality
Based on Mike's experience of over 30 years as a professional graphite pencil specialist.
If you're a graphite artist or an artist who wants to learn more about how to construct a drawing, a book like this is a jewel. "Drawing from Line to Life" is the book I have been waiting for... a book where a life-long artist performs a magical brain-dump into a format where you can reference it your whole life. So, if you were on the fence about this book think about it this way: this book can help you perfect your craft for a lifetime and amounts to a night out to a restaurant and a few drinks. Now ask yourself, which is going to stay with you after you wake up the next day? Rich Adams

Section 2...
Fooling the brain part 1
Negative space and other ways to fool your brain into letting you work without its interruption, and how to properly perceive what you see.
Working from photos
Tips, tricks and the many uses you can make of photography. How and when to use photos as reference sources and how not to let them dictate content.
Negative Drawing
A comprehensive look at drawing in negative. A technique that allows you to break your drawings down into manageable sections and layers, and one that protects the white of you paper until you decide to add tone or not.
How to see and construct one and two point perspective. Also includes more advanced techniques such as ground plane perspective.
Light and Shade
The Laws of light and how they dictate shades and shadows - and how to lie effectively if the Laws don't suit your situation. Includes the description and use of all shadow types.
Fooling the brain part 2
How to fool your viewer's brain by making it see more detail than is actually present. Includes many useful tips, tricks and techniques.
Transfer techniques
The many and varied methods you can choose to transfer your sketches and plans to your final drawing surface - or to transfer them directly from source material. Covers gridding, projection, tracing and much more...
How to prepare your drawing before you begin. Includes concept drawing, sourcing, planning ahead, composing with multiple sources, etc...
Step-by-step 2
See the drawing of a Tortoiseshell cat unfold in twenty five stages with notes written at the time - warts and all!

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