Human Portraiture

There is a small Yahoo! group of artists that I belong to, run by Diane Wright (, called “Drawing Line to Life”. Diane started the group to study my book of the same title.

Over the last few months Diane has started to review the book again, and we have reached Chapter 8 – where I demonstrate drawing my granddaughter Charlotte – and she has decided to expand the topic to encompass human portraiture.

This is such a big topic that it will be broken down into smaller segments. As we finish up on our first topic, eyes, Diane thought it might be beneficial to layout the schedule for the next few weeks, and we would like to welcome anyone interested in exploring the topic of drawing human portraiture to join us in our discussions, step-by-steps, and sharing of our progress.

  • Feb 1-13 Eyes
  • Feb 14-27 Nose
  • Feb 28 – Mar 13 Mouth
  • Mar 14-27 Ears
  • Mar 28 – Apr 10 Hair
  • Apr 11-24 Head
  • Apr 25 – May 8 Hands
  • May 9-22 Clothed Figure Drawing

Neither I or Diane are portrait artists, but we’re using this opportunity to stretch our skills and pass on what we do know. We hope you will join us in this journey into human portraits. After we have exhausted this segment on portraiture, we will resume our study of my book with Chapter 9.

I would like to invite you to join us…….