My new Studio – week 6


George the Builder arrived at the allotted time with digger in tow, and within 10 minutes…

Cutting the first sod

…the first sod was cut! Yeah!!!

George’s mate took over from there and in no time at all the trenches had been dug, the site levelled and both builders and digger moved to another job.

Digging the trenches for the footings
Trenches ready to receive the concrete


Right on time the concrete mixer backed into our yard. I made George a cup of coffee (he says he lives on caffeine) and in no time at all the site began to look as though it might eventually be a studio.

The concrete arrives
The studio begins to emerge from the ground

You know that moment when you drive past a new building site with just the footings in place and you think “Wow. That’s going to be a tiny house!”… and it turns out to be a five-bedroomed mansion? Well, that’s how I feel right now. Standing in the centre of the plot I can’t help thinking “Heck. Is it going to be big enough?” 🙂

7 thoughts on “My new Studio – week 6”

  1. This is looking great Mike and finally moving along!!!


    P.S I sent you an email about your trip to Canada – next year! 🙂

  2. Hi Pat,
    Yes… it’s taken some planning but it’s finally getting off the ground. Indeed this week it should actually rise ABOVE the ground 🙂

    I’ll reply to your email ASAP. I’ve had so many offers of venues for next year that it’s going to be a problem fitting them all in. But we’ll fit Prince Edward Island in somewhere.

    So far, we’re planning a very special, top secret, US workshop for June next year. Then in August/September it looks as though I’ll be in Toronto, Ottawa, Prince Edward Island, and New England. And I’d like to fit a return to Texas into next year too at some point. It’s a planning nightmare! 🙂

  3. ok let me know because I have a possible venue for the workshop, a place for you and Jenny to stay but I have to confirm dates soon!


  4. Hi Pat,

    First – where is Prince Edward Island? I’ve no objections at all to holding a workshop there, but I’m hoping it’s not too close to Ottawa or Toronto. I’m almost definitely going to be in Toronto in September next year, and we were discussing the possibility of Ottawa being an annual event.

    Let me know and I’ll give you an answer ASAP.

  5. Hi Mike, the base will always look too small………just wait until the walls start to grow. I remember the log cabin (garden storage/workshop) we had to replace our garage, when it first started to be erected I started having visions about housing rental, now 6 years later there just isn’t enough room. It’s a bit like the junk room syndrome. Good luck with it, looking forward to development. Best wishes, Heather. PS. Any thoughts on a workhop/tutorial in Lancashire?

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