DRAWING WEEDS : negative drawing

An introduction to the wonders of negative drawing - a system that satisfies all the needs, and solves all the problems, of drawing with graphite pencil.

Imagine producing brilliant white details without erasing; having super-sharp edges that clarify your drawing; Having the area you're working in already surrounded by drawing you can refer to; not feeling overwhelmed by a complex drawing, because it's broken down for you into manageable parts; drawing an area to completion: "Nothing more to do here, move on."; and letting your imagination run free, to produce realistic results.

Negative Drawing fulfils all those benefits, and more.
Drawing Weeds
Duration :
18 mins
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Owen Garratt
So awesome, Mike!
Drawing grass and weeds is a skill that has always eluded me. I looked at the rich detail and depth of grasses in your drawings and despaired of ever getting anything close to that. After viewing this video it seems so much more achievable. Thanks again Mike for sharing your hard earned skills with us!
I was always having hard time drawing such messy, uneven structures... Grass, the hair and fur... Well... It's been always my weak point. Your video makes it easier to approach and understand it's character... Thank you Mike.

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