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Learn to draw with Mike Sibley
Draw-with-Mike pencil drawing videos DRAW WITH MIKE videos are excellent how-to-draw learning aids. They also seamlessly integrate with Mike's books, online courses and workshops. And there are many more videos to come...
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Assisted and Self-directed Courses

Self-directed learning

video self-directed learning If you prefer to teach yourself at your own pace, DRAW WITH MIKE videos were made for you! It's how Mike learned his craft. He understands the way you work and think; what you need to know, and what can go wrong; and he knows understanding is more important than just knowing how.

The Basic Technique videos are free of fluff, deliberately short and concise, and packed full of advice.

book self-directed learning The videos are derived from Drawing from Line to Life and its companion workbook, the Beginners 8-week Drawing Course (eBook). The videos and books share a common base and work together.

To get a feel for the style and content of the videos, try these three short samples:

Fully supported learning

Classroom drawing courses at Drawspace.com Benefit from Mike's personal assistance. Join other like-minded artists in the Drawspace virtual classrooms. Receive Mike's personal help and support as you work your way through the weekly assignments of your chosen 8 week course.

The DRAW WITH MIKE videos are linked to the courses, and the weekly PDF workbooks are yours to keep as a handy reference - that's 62 pages for the Beginners course alone.

Here are a few samples of the kind of feedback you can expect from Mike when you upload your completed assignments. The images are from real critiques taken from previous course sessions:


Step-by-step learning process The videos and courses share the same method of progression Mike uses in his Drawing from Line to Life book. At each stage you will already be equipped with the tools and knowledge required to advance your skills one step further. Whichever learning route you choose, each step leads effortlessly to the next.

Mike uses the same approach in his videos, international workshops and online courses - always explaining the WHY as well as the HOW. As Mike says "Learning a technique is useful, but knowing when to use it and why means you can use it with confidence and understanding."

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Study at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

video self-directed learning Teach yourself at home with the DRAW WITH MIKE videos. Based on the Drawspace courses, the videos are expanded to contain a lot of additional and very helpful information.

Study at home at leisure Or join Mike at Drawspace. The Drawspace Courses run Wednesday to Wednesday giving you the weekend to complete the weekly assignments. Just upload them to the virtual classroom as you complete them to receive Mike's critique, assistance, and advice on improvements.

All DRAW WITH MIKE videos are available at Drawspace, so you can integrate them into a course. Or you can purchase them here and build up a readily accessible reference source.

Mike hosts regular sessions at Drawspace.com of the 8-week Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses, and a 6-week Traditional Shading course. All courses use the Drawspace virtual classrooms where you can interact with Mike and your fellow artists.

video self-directed learning Mike is an established professional graphite artist with over 40 years experience. He runs UK, USA and Canadian workshops, and has been teaching at Drawspace.com for over 8 years.

Mike's 8-week courses work like this:
  1. Download the weekly PDF workbook
  2. Access and watch the HD videos (optional)
  3. Complete your weekly assignments
  4. Scan or photograph your work and upload to the virtual classroom
  5. Mike will provide a detailed critique and show you ways you can improve
  6. You can ask questions at any time, and view your fellow students' work and Mike's critiques
Your videos are excellent, and I mean excellent. Most good books I read three times, first a quick overview to see what's there, next to get the meat and finally to get what I missed (there is always something) and integrate it with other sources. Your videos are like a good book.