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We artists are always learning. At times we all need assistance, or even encouragement. And we need all the tools available to us, such as effective techniques. At Draw With Mike you get the complete set:

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And there's much more to come too!

Learn new, better, easier ways of creating your art - at your own pace.

Step-by-step videos made with you in mind - to help you develop into the artist you're striving to be.

Mike's been where you are now - after 40 years of professional success, he understands what you need to know.

He knows the problems too and has developed solutions from years of running international workshops and online courses. Be guided and mentored as you learn and progress.

Receive sound advice and critiques in the support forum. We're here for you. You're not alone.
Not familiar yet with the videos? Try this full-length random pick:

For the monthly cost of four cups of coffee - that's just one cup each week... you can watch ALL of the videos whenever you want - including regular releases of NEW videos - and learn and post in the support forum for genuine assistance from Mike and your fellow artists.

Until now, you had to buy your videos and, like buying a book in a bookstore, you could only view those you purchased. It works. It works quite well. But it's not ideal.
In an ideal world...

you'd be gifted a year's membership for Christmas!

Send your special person this link and we'll do the rest:
In an ideal world...

you'd be gifted a
year's membership!

Send your special person this link and we'll do the rest:

In an ideal world you'd pay a little bit each month to view the entire library - so you can thoroughly explore a new technique or quickly find a solution. And, unlike video downloads (which you can still purchase), they're available on all your devices.

There's no viewing limit : watch whatever you like, as often as you like; wherever you are.

And there are many more benefits and features to come.

No Risk: You can click and stop your membership at any time - no restrictive conditions.

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cartoon by Phil Bearden

CommendationI have found Mike's videos really helpful in my drawing development. The techniques are well explained and will work for any subject you wish to draw. I highly recommend these video tutorials if you are wishing to expand your drawing skill.
Crispin, UK
CommendationEach time I return to one of your videos I find even more valuable insights and teaching. Often, as someone improves and revisits a video, what seemed to be wonderful information is now disappointingly inane or even wrong. That's not true with your videos.
Mary, PA
Still not sure?

The Internet is full of "Watch me draw and see if you can learn anything useful" videos. Really! Trying to find one that actually teaches isn't easy. Fortunately, Mike's videos are refreshingly different:

They're custom-made instructional videos - designed for easy learning.

They're step-by-step and best viewed in sequence. Becoming a member makes that easy.

You'll have direct contact with Mike and the forum for assistance whenever you need it - advice, guidance, or an in-depth critique. You can even request videos on specific subjects.

At the heart are clearly explained video tutorials that explore the WHY and WHEN and not just the HOW - because understanding why a technique works, and when to use it, is far more valuable than just knowing how to do it.

Take a look at this full-length example - just one of the "Erasing" videos:

Why try to do this on your own? We're here to help you in any way we can. We want to see you flourish and bloom - to grow into the artist you know you can be.

Heck! That's why the cost is so low - because we don't want to exclude anyone who genuinely wants to improve.

Join us and you can have all you need RIGHT NOW. We'll even let you know as soon as new videos are released, so you can instantly learn from those too.

video self-directed learning Drawing from Line to Life - how-to-draw instruction book Mike is an established professional graphite artist with over 40 years experience. He runs UK, USA and Canadian workshops, and has been teaching online for many years. He's author of the comprehensive drawing bible "Drawing from Line to Life", and self-publishes and markets his own art worldwide.

'Done Balin' by Mike Sibley
Done Balin' by Mike Sibley
My wife and I purchased Done Balin', which encapsulates all that I love to paint in oils; a long distant past when bees were buzzing and there was no pollution and everyone seemed to take life at a more leisurely pace...
David Shepherd CBE OBE FRSA FGRA

That's it... decision time. Joining will cost you very little and you've so much to gain.

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Enjoy and learn from the videos, maybe introduce yourself in the forum, sit back and relax.

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