Fine-tuning involves infinite adjustments of values. Harness the power of partial erasing. It offers a subtlety of result that drawing alone cannot always achieve. Learn how to lighten over-dark areas without destroying the detail; maintain full control over detail by fading to the desired values; and create lighter areas within dark.

These methods are an integral part of the way Mike works. Partial erasing creates secondary highlights, recession in expansive scenes, adjusting and fine-tuning values in general, and has a host of other uses too. This video introduces you to methods that achieve all those things... and more.


An introduction to partial removal of graphite to fine tune values in pencil drawing


Don't think of erasing as removing unwanted drawing but of removing graphite. This extends erasing to the adjusting of deliberately over-applied graphite, and the fine-tuning of values in general.
cutting white lines through lightly applied graphite in pencil drawing

Suitable erasers

Fine tuning of values requires the partial removal of a layer of graphite. Mike explains why some erasers cannot perform this efficiently, and introduces you to the most suitable erasers.
Erasing to lighten values in graphite pencil drawings

Erasing to Lighten Values

The first of three erasing technique sections. Mike demonstrates the basic technique that permits removal of a partial layer of graphite without disturbing lower layers, or affecting detail or sharpness.
Demonstration showing that kneaded erasers and Blu-Tack are not erasers but adjusters of value


Don't think of your kneaded eraser or Blu-Tack as an eraser but an adjuster of values. Try this exercise to acquaint yourself with the basic technique.
How to control really delicate shading in pencil drawings

Example #1

The first of two examples of this technique in use. It affords control over really delicate shading, and is more effective than using only a pencil to produce believable, light detail.
Spot and creative erasing within a pencil drawing of an eye

Spot and Creative Erasing

Mike demonstrates the cleaning of an key highlight and then shows you how to create a secondary eye highlight.
Demonstration of creating primary and secondary eye highlights


Mike demonstrates by creating the secondary eye highlight. This erasing technique offers multiple attempts without harming the detail of the lower layer. Keep trying until it looks the way you want it to.
Partial erasing to adjust values in pencil drawing

Erasing to Adjust Values

This is where Blu-Tack and kneaded erasers excel. Learn how you can have full control over every value in your drawing. Mike offers helpful advice on erasing with Blu-Tack.
A demonstration of using an eraser to adjust any value within a pencil drawing

The Final Demonstration

Mike demonstrates how to use your eraser to enhance atmospheric perspective and depth. This eraser technique is universally useful for adjusting any value within your drawing in a very controlled way.

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Erasing to Fine Tune
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Opened my eyes to what erasers are fully capable of. Thanks!
Mary Hollis
After watching this video, along with Erasing Basics and Erasing Selectively I am using my eraser more as a tool rather than just a mistake remover. Great video!

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