Changes often need to be made to a drawing - new shapes cut into existing drawing; elements added to restore balance; key highlights that need to be cleaned or sharpened; or perhaps grass or foliage that needs to be cut into background areas to increase depth. This video covers methods to achieve all those things... and introduces you to creative erasing, where the eraser is permitted to suggest form and texture.


An introduction to dedicated pencil erasers


Using dedicated pencil erasers, this video explores their uses in creating shapes in already applied graphite.
cutting white lines through lightly applied graphite in pencil drawing

Through grey to white

Discover a popular method of cutting white lines through lightly applied graphite - perhaps to create fly-away hairs.
Demonstration of drawing hair with an eraser in a pencil drawing


Mike shows you how the hairs in the body of this Old English Sheepdog's leg were created - with a soft art eraser.
Cutting shapes into very dark graphite pencil shading

Cutting shapes into blacks

Wish you'd left a shape or two in an area of very dark drawing? This method achieves that. Cut shapes into heavily applied 4B with a kneaded eraser or Blu-Tack.
Kneaded erasers and Blu-Tack compared for erasing shapes

Mark making

Kneaded erasers and Blu-Tack are equally good at holding a point or sharp edge for erasing shapes. Both are compared.
Creative erasing in graphite pencil drawing

Creative erasing

Discover the power of creative erasing. Let your eraser suggest form, texture, and lighting. The results often surprise, and surpass anything you might have consciously thought of.
Creative erasing of an old tree and branches in pencil


Mike demonstrates the creative erasing of a section of old tree, and its branches and leaves. With advice on how to define and refine the result.
Creative shading in practical use

Practical demonstration

Mike explains how he created additional leaves and twigs in an area of completed drawing - in this case, to distract the viewer away from a hidden rabbit.
A fun exercise in creative erasing

Fun exercise

Try this exercise in creative erasing. Make marks and let those suggest the subject and content. Just let it grow as it unfolds under your eraser.
Creative shading exercise results from Mike's students at

Example of creative erasing

To get you in the mood, Mike displays a number of creative shading exercise results from his students at - and offers advice on using it in a stress-free manner. Just enjoy!

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Erasing Selectively
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Maggie H
Who would have thought, Blu-Tack as an eraser?? Took me a bit to get the hang of it, but the more I use it the more I fall in love with it.

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