Many types of eraser compared, from hard typewriter to soft art erasers, stick and mono erasers, to kneaded erasers and Blu-Tack.

Included is a method of removing dark graphite almost back to white.


The different eraser types used in pencil drawings

Different eraser types

An introductory display of the different eraser types that will be explored and compared in this comprehensive video.
Ink Erasers and why not to use them for pencil drawings

Ink Erasers

Been there - done that... Don't use them! And I'll show you why too.
General Pencil EWrasers and why they don't work well.

General Pencil Erasers

A step in the right direction but they are mainly ineffective. This video explains why they often fail to work, and the common problem that can occur with other eraser types too.
Plastic Art Erasers - erasers made for removing graphite from pencil drawings

Vinyl Art Erasers

Erasers specifically made for removing graphite - just what we need! Learn the advantages and drawbacks of these common erasers - in block and stick form.
Kneaded or kneadable erasers used for removing pencil drawing.

Kneaded Erasers

Kneaded, or kneadable, erasers (also known as putty rubbers) are excellent tools for the clean removal of graphite. This video explores their uses.
Blu-Tack wall putty used as a pencil eraser


Blu-Tack wall putty - an exploration of this most excellent eraser's basic uses, and why it outshines other eraser types. It's a kneaded eraser on steroids!
 Pencils and erasrs as complimentary tools in pencil

Complimentary tools

Erasers are adjusters of value and perfectly compliment your pencils. One can apply graphite, and the other can adjust or remove it. Believing that removal is impossible often causes artists to draw too lightly.
A comparison of soft art erasers, kneaded erasers, and Blu-Tack in removing heavily applied graphite.

Erasers compared

A comparison of soft art erasers, kneadable erasers, and Blu-Tack in removing heavily applied graphite.
A demonstration of Blu-Tack's power to remove heavily applied graphite pencil

Complete removal - almost

A demonstration of Blu-Tack's power to remove heavily applied graphite. Using no damaging pressure, Blu-Tack can take the test area almost back to pristine white.
Removing the last vestiges of graphite in a pencil drawing

Final removal

A vinyl art eraser is used to remove the last vestiges of graphite. There are associated potential problems that this video explains.
How to clean a kneaded eraser or Blu-Tack

Cleaning putty erasers

How to clean a kneaded eraser or Blu-Tack when the surface becomes too saturated with graphite.

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Erasing Basics
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Tim Hoddle
Lots of excellent advice. I'm a Blu-Tack convert! Thank you!
I’ve always been a great one for doing loads of erasing. This video made me realize how damaging it was to my final results, really improved the quality of my drawing.

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