Mike explains and demonstrates the most common forms of linear shading - hatching, cross-hatching, scribble (also known as squirkling) and stippling. This video features an exercise to help you develop your hatching skills, and looks at the common errors and solutions.


The heirarchy of shading in pencil drawings

Shading hierarchy

Exploring the limited options for shading available to a graphite artist.
Hatching and Cross-hatching exercise for pencil drawing

Hatching exercise

Hatching is the only means of varying the value of the shading without changing the pencil weight or grade. Mike demonstrates the hatching of four boxes, each with more layers than the last, to create four distinct values.
Hatching to form solid shading in pencil drawing

Hatching for solid shading

Hatching and cross-hatching, if sufficiently developed, eventually lead to solid tonal shading. Mike explains the use of layers of hatching that, when blended, give smooth and solid shading with the ultimate in control.
Hatching requirements - and help with your pencil drawing

Hatching tips and tricks

The five requirements for good hatching. Mike tackles the most troublesome two - drawing straight lines and equal spacing - and shows ways of thinking and working that solve the problems.
Scribble and its freedom in pencil shading


Scribble is a wonderfully free and spontaneous way to create many textures, from midground trees to rust.
Stippling used for shading in pencil shading


Stippling is a fun and free way of creating many grainy or gritty textures. Mike demonstrates the drawing of mortar - to music!

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Linear Shading
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Scribbling is my favorite part, but I must say stippling to music is in a class by itself.

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