This very comprehensive, fluff-free, video explores the differences between the grades - soft to hard. Two exercises help you explore the darkness and range of tones each grade can produce. Mike explains...


Introduction to first steps in drawing


An introduction to the way most people see and the how an artists sees - icon-free and in depth. And how being an artist displays the world around you in a new light.
An explanation of the chisel point on a pencil

The Chisel Point

The basic forming of a chisel point and why its use is beneficial when compared to a standard sharp needle point.
Value and Weight of pencil lines explained

Weight and Value explained

While exploring the different qualities of line produced by hard and soft grades, and the chisel point's flat face and edge, Mike explains the terms "weight" and "value".
Exploring soft and hard pencil grades

Exploring values and grades

An exercise for you to try that will show you the dark values that each of your pencil grades can produce. Mike also explains why strong darks are important to the success of your drawings.
How and why you should avoid gaps in your pencil shading

Avoiding gaps in shading

Mike explains, with a custom graphic, why you should remove all gaps and holes in your shading - and the adverse effect that gaps have.
Exploring pencil line weight and gradated shading

Exploring weight and gradations

Another exercise that will help you explore the full range of values each grade of lead can produce. And more advice on removing gaps in your shading.
Which pencil grades to use for any desired effect

Choosing the right grade

Some grades are grainy and others are smoother. Mike explains how to decide which grade to use for any desired effect - even though the value might be identical, the perceived surface is more realistic.

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First Steps
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10 mins
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Applying what I learned in this video makes a HUGE difference in my artwork, especially learning to make my darks really dark. Thanks Mike! Margaret

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