This very comprehensive, fact-filled, video explores the differences between wood-cased, clutch (aka Lead Holders) and mechanical pencils. Mike offers advice on which types to begin with and the grades of lead you need.


An collection of diferent types of pencils

Types of pencil

After a brief introduction to a variety of pencil types, Mike concentrates on the three most popular in regular use - wood-cased, clutch, and mechanical pencils.
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

Wood-cased explored

All the pros and cons are covered in this wood-cased pencil analysis. Including which manufacturers supply the most grades; using a pencil extender - and more...
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

Clutch pencils explored

Also known as Lead Pointers, these are Mike's go-to tools and are as comprehensively analysed for their benefits and faults as the other types. Includes sharpening methods and grade identification.
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

Mechanical pencils explored

These range from 0.3mm to 1.3mm in thickness. Mike no longer uses them but... he knows an excellent artist who does! So the benefits and drawbacks are based on Diane Wright's unbiased report.
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

The three compared

A side-by-side comparison of all three types - all the benefits and faults. For each, Mike offers advice on which pencils and grades of lead to buy if you're just starting out.

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Choosing Pencils and Leads
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9¼ mins
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This is the clearest information I have ever found about choosing pencils. All the pros and cons of each pencil type, and quite unbiased. Very valuable information on a subject I always found a bit overwhelming.

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