Understanding your pencils is critical to good drawing. Know the differences between the grades - from the hardest to softest. Mike explains, and demonstrates, how and why the grades differ, and the advantages of each type. Beginner? Mike advises which grades you need.


Understanding pencil lead grades

Pencil lead basics

Understand why the grades differ and you'll know which to use in any situation. Did you know graphite is made up of flat plates? That's why it reflects light. Do you know why clay is added to graphite? You need to!
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

Grade numbering system

The letter/number system instantly tells you which grade you are holding and how it will perform. Which grade draws lines with soft edges? You need to know if you're seamlessly shading an area. This video explains.
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

How the grades differ

How and why the various grades produce different qualities of line - from the soft dark grades through the central HB to the harder light grades.
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

Grades versus Brands

There is a generic and widely-used grading system but it doesn't have a fixed standard. Each manufacturer defines their own range of grades. Find out why your brand of 2B doesn't draw as dark as another's brand.
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

Use quality artists pencils

Mike explains why using cheap pencils is a false economy - and why you should use the best quality you can afford - right from the outset.
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

Easy grade identification

Don't break your flow and concentration searching for your 4B pencil! Mike explains why you need to develop a system where you can instantly see which grade is in which pencil.

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Pencil Grades
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Great Video Mike! I had no idea about those little holes and wow, has it made a difference! Thanks for making this video!
Mary Hollis
I think pencil grades and their application are difficult to grasp immediately when new to the concept. This video was exactly what I needed. Not to mention it really doesn't include any fillers, so there is no digging for what I want if I need to review the information.

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