The chisel point simplifies the drawing process; it's self-sharpening, which removes constant sharpening from your workflow; and minimises breaks in your concentration.

Mike shows you how to form the chisel point, on any type of pencil, and how to use it for drawing both soft shading and sharp line... all with the same point!


Understanding pencil lead grades

How to form a chisel point

Using a 2mm clutch pencil to demonstrate, Mike shows you in detail how the versatile chisel point is formed after sharpening your pencil.
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

Use for line and shading

Switch effortlessly from sharp line to seamless shading, and back to tight detail - all with a simple rotation of your pencil.
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

Separate detail and tone layers

Using the single point, Mike explains how to break down a drawing into separate layers of detail and three-dimensional form - line and tone... using the same point!
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

Don't stop to sharpen!

Using a sharp point requires constant sharpening. The point wears quickly and will easily snap. The chisel point last considerably longer and sharpening just entails a quick scrub on waste paper. No breaks in concentration!
Understanding soft and hard pencil grades

Wood-cased demonstrated

Mike demonstrates the chisel point in use on a popular wood-cased pencil, with advice on how to know where the flat face of the point is at all times.

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The Chisel Point
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Mary Hollis
Being a visual learner (what artist isn’t?!) the clear, detailed close up pictures were perfect for understanding how to create and use this technique.

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