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Ultimate White
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OLIN Ultimate White paper
Olin Ultimate White paper
  • ULTIMATE WHITE - brilliant white 240gsm (90lbs)
  • Size: 46 × 58 cm (18" × 23")
  • Minimum order - 5 sheets.
  • All orders will be shipped rolled.
  • Mailing tubes are 3" (7.5cm) diameter so sheets are easy to flatten.
OLIN paper
The new paper I received from you is wonderful. I'm thinking I like it a lot more than the Mellotex... Cheers! Kathie
I've been working on Ivorex, then Mellotex, and then Conqueror for over 40 years and in that time I've never found equals. BUT in late 2022 I had to find one because the Conqueror mill went into receivership. Fortunately, the wholdesaler decided to take over production of Conqueror and OLIN. Personally, I found the perfect replacement in CONQUEROR DIAMOND WHITE, but the OLIN might well suit you better. I was amazed at how easy it was to create solid intense darks on Olin, and it might be an excellent choice for technical illustrations, for example.

If, like me, you detest the texture of your paper interfering with what you are trying to depict, you'll find Olin to be very smooth. Olin is a double-sided plate-finish paper with virtually no detectable surface texture.

It's tough! You can crisply indent Olin, and erase almost endlessly without destroying the surface.

It's super-smooth! And - surprisingly! - very smooth, dark tones are a breeze to create. And you can gently lay down light tone that will blend or layer to produce seamless skin tones and faultless skies.

If you're technically minded: Olin Ultimate White's appearance is due to the eucalyptus fibres it's made from. It's a high-quality uncoated paper with a very bright white shade (CIE 167) that delivers exceptional contrast. The paper is pH neutral, completely free of elemental chlorine, and is suitable for archival use, or applications requiring 'acid-free' paper.

Larger sheets of Olin (the SRA2 we stock) are restricted to the printing industry and available in packs of 125 sheets. That's why we decided to supply the art market with affordable order sizes - our minimum is just 5 sheets.

We supply 240gsm OLIN ULTIMATE WHITE, which approximates to 90 lb watercolour paper. Orders are rolled and tubed for safety and most artists tell us they simply roll their sheets in the reverse direction, lay them flat, and weigh them down with books for a couple of days before use.

Please note: I have worked on Ivorex, Mellotex - both no longer manufactured - and Conqueror in 250gsm weight. I have tested the new OLIN 240gsm weight and:
  • It is visibly whiter than Conqueror for greater contrast in your drawings.
  • It indents as well and as cleanly as Conqueror does.
  • It is virtually devoid of any surface texture, so it won't interfere with the marks you make or the flat shading you apply.
  • Darks need less work than they do on Conqueror, and certainly no more
Technical Data
  • Conqueror conforms to ISO 9706 requirements for permanence and as such is suitable for archival use or applications requiring 'acid-free' paper.
  • Acidity: pH of 7.5
  • Moisture content: 6.7%
  • Made from Eucalyptus fibres
  • Wood pulp and Bleach type: FSC ECF Virgin woodfree pulp.