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Drawing from Line to Life:
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How to draw from basic 'Line' to realistic 'Life'
How To Draw - Drawing from Line to Life by Mike Sibley
How To Draw - Drawing from Line to Life by Mike Sibley
Drawing From Line to Life was born from the 'how to draw' tutorials on this website. Artists began to ask me for more and that coincided with my desire to unload 25 years of professional drawing experience into one volume. That knowledge, locked up in my head, was no use to anyone else and I couldn't see why other artists had to learn from their mistakes when they could leap forwards by being warned about mine!

The chapters build step-by-step from basic 'how to draw' techniques to advanced drawing, so each chapter simply adds to the techniques learned in earlier chapters. And I set out with the intention of always explaining why as well as how. Understanding comes from knowing why you should do something, not from just knowing how.

There are three sections - basic to advanced - and each section culminates in a step-by-step drawing that exposes my errors as well as triumphs.

You can read a sample page from each chapter, discover what other artists have had to say, and see what discounts are available..

If you're a graphite artist, a book like this is a jewel. This is the book I have been waiting for... a book where a life-long artist performs a magical brain-dump that you can reference for your whole life. So, if you were on the fence about this book think about it this way: this book can help you perfect your craft for a lifetime and amounts to night out to a restaurant and a few drinks. Now ask yourself, which is going to stay with you after you wake up the next day?
Rich Adams, Montana, USA
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