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'Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel' fine art dog print by Mike Sibley

"Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel"

This drawing was produced for the 2009 Small Wonders exhibition held by Sycamore Fine Arts in Goshen, Indiana.

In 2008 I ran a 5-day Drawing Workshop in West Yellowstone and during my stay I took many photographs in Yellowstone Park. This particular Ground Squirrel was the first animal I photographed...and it almost ran up my trouser leg!

The drawing, measuring just 3" × 2", took 5 hours to complete. There are no close-up views because the original drawing was sold at the exhibition and, regrettably, I only have a low resolution copy.

'Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel' graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley
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Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel

Animal study

image :  2" × 3"
5 × 7.6 cm
Drawn for the Small Wonders exhibition, Goshen, Indiana, 2009