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Redtailed Hawk


giclée print

Dalmatian fine art dog print by Mike Sibley

"Redtailed Hawk"

This Redtailed Hawk drawing was produced for the Small Wonders exhibition held by Sycamore Fine Arts in Goshen, Indiana.

I photographed this beautiful hawk many years ago at Lowther Horse Driving Trials near Penrith, Cumbria... and I finally found the opportunity to draw it.

The original drawing, which is sold, measures just 2" × 3" and took 6 hours to complete.

'Redtailed Hawk' graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley.

Redtailed Hawk study
Not For Sale

Redtailed Hawk

image :  2" × 3"
5 × 7.6 cm

Drawn for the Small Wonders exhibition, Goshen, Indiana, 2009