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'Just Thinking' Newfoundland fine art dog print by Mike Sibley

"Just Thinking"

One of two companion prints to "Whistlers Cove" — This dog refused to pose all afternoon but as the heat went out of the day he finally condescended to grant me one long pose, which I gratefully captured with my camera as I circled around him. Well known for studying birds (with questionable motives!) the dog suggested his own study. The boat was photographed at Whitby ten years earlier during the Turning Tide photo session; the crab at Reighton Sands; and the seagull...almost anywhere.

The original drawing took 27 hours 26 minutes to complete and is still available for purchase.
Newfoundland dogs graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley
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Just Thinking


edition : 850 + 20 APs
order :  MS179
print :
image :  11½" × 8"
28 × 20cm
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