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'Whistlers Cove' Newfoundland print by Mike Sibley

"Whistlers Cove"

Whistlers Cove was a result of many requests from owners of my sold-out print "The Turning Tide" for a new Newfoundland study. So I spent time with four beautiful dogs in wonderful surroundings on a lovely sunny day. The scene itself is imaginary but it was based on Reighton Sands near Filey. I photographed rock pools, seaweed, shells, dead crabs (suitably posed) and the white rocks above the high-water mark.

During my day with the dogs I noticed one often laying with his head on his paws and I felt compelled to create a companion print featuring the pose. The black dog was not nearly so accommodating but at the close of the day, as the heat diminished, he graciously agreed to hold a pose which led to the second companion print and the main study.

The original drawing took 154 hours 55 minutes to complete and is still available for purchase.
Newfoundland dogs graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley
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Whistlers Cove


edition : 650 + 20 APs
order :  MS177
print :
image :  16½" × 13"
41.5 × 32cm
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