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Irish Wolfhound fine art dog print by Mike Sibley

"The Spinney Woodsman"

The second and final photographic session for the Spinney Lane Collection involved a group of five dogs. One or two stood out from the rest and were used in the "Spinney Lane End" drawing.

This older dog lacked the spark I was looking for. But it was a lovely dog and I was determined to use it in a Companion piece. So "The Spinney Woodsman" was created to reflect its more quiet and gentle nature — with just a hint of fun!

By happy chance I got the photographs that made the session worthwhile - the pose was so very typical of the breed that I just couldn't resist including it in the series.

The original drawing took 31 hours to complete and is now in a private collection in England.
'The Spinney Woodsman' Irish Wolfhound graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley
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The Spinney Woodsman

Irish Wolfhounds

edition : 750 + 25 APs
order :  MS176
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image :  11" × 8"
28 x 20.3cm
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