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Irish Wolfhound fine art dog print by Mike Sibley

"At Spinney Cottage"

During my first photographic session for the Spinney Lane series, I visited a single dog and the results that day were not very pleasing, as there was a cold, biting wind that froze our fingers and made focussing the camera difficult.

But on the way to the exposed lane, where most of the photography took place, I took a few exploratory shots in the driveway leading to the house. Being on its own territory the dog relaxed - so much so that it lay under its favourite hedge and almost dozed off!

By happy chance I got the photographs that made the session worthwhile - the pose was so very typical of the breed that I just couldn't resist including it in the series.

The original drawing took 36 hours to complete and is now owned by Roni Kaluza and Randy Valenti, USA.
'At Spinney Cottage' Irish Wolfhound graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley
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At Spinney Cottage

Irish Wolfhounds

edition : 750 + 25 APs
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image :  11" × 8"
28 x 20.3cm
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