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Part Irish Draft Cob fine art horse print by Mike Sibley

"Winter Thaw"

This horse drawing was produced for the 2009 Small Wonders exhibition held by Sycamore Fine Arts in Goshen, Indiana.

The horse is my own Thomas wearing his winter coat, and I photographed him on a very sunny and still February morning with clear blue skies.

The water was the result of a winter thaw. Unfortunately it caused our stream to break its banks but, despite the drainage work required, I'm grateful, because it resulted in this lovely drawing of Thomas and his reflection.

The original drawing took 9½ hours to complete.
'Winter Thaw' Horse graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley.
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Winter Thaw

Horse study

edition : 100 + 10 APs
order :  GP258
print :
image :  4" × 6"
10 × 15 cm
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