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Dalmatian fine art dog print by Mike Sibley

"Bindweed and Hoverfly"

This drawing was produced for my "Negative Drawing" workshop at WetCanvas!, as it demonstrates the three major techniques.

The composition initially centred around a bird on a Teasel, then a Cabbage White Butterfly, until a walk down our lane found an abundance of Bindweed (or Convolvulus) with Hoverflies feeding on the nectar. They are not wasps! but harmless flies dressed like wasps for safety.

I so enjoyed the drawing that I've decided to produce a companion print.

The original drawing took about 35 hours to complete and might be for sale at some future date.
'Bindweed and Hoverfly' graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley.
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Bindweed and Hoverfly

Nature study

edition : 220 + 20 APs
order :  GP256
print :
image :  4" × 8"
10 × 20 cm
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