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'Just Thinking' Parson Russell Terrier fine art dog print by Mike Sibley


While writing my book "Drawing from Line to Life" I needed a small dog for the drawing featured in the final chapter - our Parson Russell Terrier Maisie was the obvious choice.

She was just 11 weeks old as depicted here. We tragically lost her the day after I photographed her. So, this is also my tribute to a wonderful little pup who filled our lives with pure joy.

I needed a variety of textures for this study, so I walked round our farm and found the wheels off a hen house and a spare ring for my Cambridge roller. All I needed now was something to connect them to Maisie - and a length of old rope suited perfectly. Pulling ropes - pulling anything - was Maisie's favourite game.

The original drawing took 72¾ hours to complete and will always remain in my private collection.
Parson Russell Terrier print and graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley
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Parson Russell Terrier

edition : 850 + 35 APs
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image :  11" × 8"
28 × 20cm
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