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'Tortoiseshell Cat' fine art print by Mike Sibley

"Tortoiseshell Cat"

This drawing was one of the very rare commercial commissions that I accept. Produced for Burns Pet Nutrition of South Wales to grace their cat food bags.

I submitted a couple of previously-drawn kittens for their approval and they selected one for the reverse of the bag then decided they would like a "Mother" for it. Fortunately, needing a model urgently, I have seven cats and Clarrie won paws down - no contest!

Apart from a little artistic licence with her white front, Clarrie is much as you see her now - except that she now has one drooping ear as a result of a haematoma.

The original drawing took 47 hours to complete and remains in my private collection.
Tortoiseshell Cat print and graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley.
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Tortoiseshell Cat

Tortoiseshell Cat

edition : 180 + 18 APs
order :  GP250
print :
image :  8" × 11"
20.3 × 28 cm
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