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Dachshund fine art print by Mike Sibley

"The Warreners"

Dachshunds are hounds by classification but Terriers by nature. Art abounds of Dachshunds sitting in chairs, laying on floors, looking cute... but I wanted to draw them as real dogs showing their true character.

Dachshunds were bred for Badger hunting but rabbiting seems a suitable alternative for these feisty dogs. The North Yorks Moors provided a wealth of heather, ling, rabbit holes, boulders and banks from which the setting was formed.

In my eyes, a rabbit has been seen fleeing into the bottom burrow of the warren, which is now guarded by the smooth hair Dachshund. The Black & Tan smooth is relaying information back to his companion as he watches the wire hair dig into the burrow above. The more spaniel-orientated long hair looks on with interest.

The original drawing took 167 hours to complete and remains in my private collection.
'The Warreners' Dachshund graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley.
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The Warreners


edition : 550 + 25 APs
order :  MS172
print :
image :  11½" × 15½"
30 × 40 cm
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