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Border Terrier 'Overlooked!' fine art dog print by Mike Sibley


Walking through a wood I found a bank that had slipped, exposing a profusion of meandering roots and random boulders. It was a setting just waiting to inspire.

This drawing features the Border Terriers of Lord Montgarrett's former Gamekeeper and a gift from my cats. I needed something that would distract the dogs and my ginger cat Jim came up with the answer — the remains of a white pigeon! I removed the wings and drew one from life as I worked on the final study. I was also careful to tuck the occasional stray feather beneath a rock to signal that the pigeon was a find and not a fresh kill by the dogs.

The title has a double meaning — the exploring dogs have overlooked the rabbit above them as they are themselves overlooked!

The original drawing took 237 hours to complete and remains in my private collection.
'Overlooked!' Border Terrier graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley.
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Border Terriers

edition : 680 + 25 APs
order :  MS167
print :
image :  11½" × 15½"
29 × 39 cm
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