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Afghan Hound fine art dog print by Mike Sibley

"Two of a Kind"

This study started life as a commissioned portrait of two loved Afghan Hounds but, when the drawing was completed, I had lost contact with my clients.

The Afghans were photographed on a very windy day. At that time I thought the photographs would merely yield detail and that I would have to return for further photography on a calmer day. But a real feeling of life and vitality ran through the source photos, which I could not resist.

With the hair blowing way from their faces, these two lovely dogs show the full beauty of their expressions in a pose rarely seen in Afghan Hound art.

The original drawing took 62 hours 39 minutes to complete. It remains in my personal collection, but is available for purchase.
'Afghan Hound' limited edition print from a graphite pencil drawing by Mike Sibley
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Two of a Kind

Afghan Hounds

edition :  250 worldwide
order :  MS158
print :
image :  15½" × 11½"
40 × 30 cm
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