Workshop resources

Sawley, North Yorkshire

If you took part in this workshop you'll be familiar with the following images. If not, have a go!

The only restriction is that no prints (nor any other use for commercial gain) may be made from these images.

The workshop was centred around Negative Drawing and featured my own dog Buster appearing through foliage.

There are three basic points to keep in mind:
  • Work from the background to foreground
  • Work from dark to light
  • Divide the work up into small, manageable sections and concentrate on that area only.
These are the principal images that we used.
  • The Photoshop-generated composition. No line drawing exists - just print out and trace the full-size photo (8" × 6") . For greater accuracy, mark the position of Buster on the photo, then use the line drawing of Buster below to complete his area.
  • Source photo of Buster.
  • Line drawing of Buster.
  • Foliage examples for assistance.

Negative Drawing

Tip: to preserve the full size and resolution...
  • Click "download" button
  • Right-click on image in browser and select "save picture as"
  • Save to My Pictures, or your chosen folder
  • Open from that location into your preferred image program and print from there.
Buster — "The Explorer"


8" × 6"

1.14MB — 150ppi RGB JPG, no compression

Buster reference

8" × 6"

792KB — 150ppi RGB JPG, no compression

Buster line drawing
5½" × 6"

300KB — 150ppi Greyscale JPG

Other Reference photos

Tree and Stone references

4" × 5"

564KB — 150ppi RGB JPG, no compression

Dock leaves #1

6" × 5½"

696KB — 150ppi RGB JPG, no compression

Dock leaves #2

6" × 4"

784KB — 150ppi RGB JPG, no compression