Conqueror and Olin papers


If you prefer a smooth paper without an interfering texture, then Conqueror, or another plate-finish paper, might be your paper of choice.

You might be aware that the Conqueror mill went into receivership. But, there's good news... Conqueror is back!

The main wholesaler has taken over production - but not of the 250gsm weight that I use and stocked in my online shop.

Watch the video comparing the new 320gsm Conqueror Diamond White with 230gsm Olin Ultimate White.

I now stock both papers, but I'd very much welcome your views, so please use the Comment section below, or email me, to give me your thoughts.

Duration :
19 mins
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Kenny Chaffin
It occurs to me to ask / wonder how the Olin paper compares to Bristol Smooth?
MIKE: I'm not a paper expert but I'm fairly certain "Bristol" describes 3-ply papers with smooth outer sheets applied to a softer core. That's quite unlike Olin and Conqueror, which are solid, long-grain papers with a plate-finish smooth surface.
Susan Brown
First of all, how nice to see you. The paper is very interesting. I would definitely try both. The A4 pack sounds good. Thank you.
Kenny Chaffin
Excellent! Thank You for EVERYTHING!!
Great video, Mike... that Olin paper does look to have a bit of a blue tint to it, I get that even when I take a photo of my drawings on pretty much any white paper. But I adjust it in Photoshop Elements. I'd really like to try that Olin paper .. it looks very interesting. Sample packs sound wonderful!!
Fascinating to watch how you assess different papers! My perspective, as a total newbie, would be to try both and maybe use each of them for a different drawing experience and to achieve different effects?

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